Parish Council Round Up – March 2018

This evening’s meeting commenced with a number of comments from residents and the public regarding the application for building permission for two dwellings at 105 High Street, South Ward.  The application was considered again by Cllrs during the meeting, and it was agreed to put forward a comment to the planning committee regarding the style of the buildings.

Moving through the agenda, it was clear February had been a busy month and some tasks are now underway and some nearing completion.  The grass cutting contract from our current supplier, for the cemetery, recreation ground and footpath No 1, was accepted for the next two years minimum.  The upgrade to the Parish website was agreed with the aim of giving it more of a broader community focus.  Several legal issues for the PC regarding boundaries are now underway.

We are moving forward with GDPR compliance, and new Councillor emails and website URL have been agreed.

Concern was voiced about the damage to verging at Pump Green and several solutions put forward to help keep parking to a minimum, which blocks the road.

The nomination date for the McCalmont Cup is drawing closer, so if you intend to make a nomination, please forward the details to Marilyn at by 30th March.

The cemetery working group Spring clean up will take place on 24th March, from 10am-12pm.  Volunteers are always welcome!  The parish Spring clean up planned for the same day has been put back until a later date.

The Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity Meeting followed the Parish Council meeting as usual.  A statement regarding the proposal to install a skate area and basketball hoop follows below.  However, other items, such as the small changes agreed to the recreation ground will be made this month, weather permitting. It was decided that the trees which border one boundary and which over-spill into the recreation ground will be cut back to allow more natural light.  The recreation ground wall repairs are underway.

Trustees voted, by a majority of 6-4, not to install a skate area and basketball hoop at the Recreation Ground. The Charity is grateful to the young people of the village for taking the time to pull together the proposal. This project is one of a number being considered by the Charity, which will have more difficult decisions to make over the coming months.

The documentation relating to this proposal and considered by Councillors is available on this page.  This does not include individual comments given as part of the consultation process, but includes a round-up of the three events and the overall consultation.

Councillors also conducted their own research by visiting local skate areas, talking with other PC’s who had installed similar facilities and talking to users at the skate areas they visited.

Verbal views from residents have also been gained by Councillors from within their Wards and their views added to the considerations.

The information linked responds to the fact finding done by Councillors and clerk and pulls together views or notes provided by them and residents.

6 residents attended the Charity meeting.

 Skate Area – Public Consultation result

Skate Area – Matters for consideration

Pros and cons of skate park