Parish Council Meeting Round-Ups – March 2017

A meeting of Cheveley Parish Council was held on Tuesday 14th March in the Community Room at Cheveley School.  It was attended by several members of the public and County and District Councillor Mathew Shuter and, in the absence of Councillor Richard Jackson, was chaired by Councillor Claire Elbrow.

MAC Construction has indicated that they will carry out remedial work to the surrounding areas of the site of construction of The Paddocks development but had not yet, as promised, confirmed this in writing. The site manager has also indicated he will ensure the bin at the front of the site is emptied regularly.  This has been a concern of a number of residents.

Councillor Shuter reported that the County Council element of the precept had increased by just 2% whilst that of the District Council remained unaltered and for Cheveley Parish Council had been reduced by 1%.   This resulted in an overall increase of 1.7% in Cheveley.

The Speed Watch scheme had two new volunteers from the North Ward.   There will be a training session on 22nd March and further operations soon.

Councillor Ian Jackson reported on a meeting with Cheveley Primary School to discuss future use of facilities at the Recreation Ground and Pavilion.   The school would like to make greater use of the area and to assist in this it was agreed that they should be given a set of keys to the toilet facilities, and, when appropriate, white lining will be put down for a rounders pitch and running lines.   The school is keen to work alongside the parish council to encourage more parents to park at the Recreation Ground at either end of the school day rather than use the roads around the school.

It was agreed to have a comments book in the pavilion so that anyone hiring it can make suggestions of how the facilities could be improved.   The Fire Service will be asked to carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises.   It was clarified by the clerk that anyone wishing to hire a bouncy castle for a function in the Recreation Ground will have to arrange liability insurance and produce confirmation of this.  A representative of the supplier will also have to be in attendance at all times that it remained at the location.

Various tree work had been carried out at the cemetery and new trees would be delivered in order to be planted at the Spring Clear Up being held on Saturday 25th March at 10 a.m.

Minor repair work is needed on the war memorial and it was agreed to carry this out following receipt of quotations.

Several excellent nominations had been received for the McCalmont Cup which is awarded annually for service to the parish.   These were considered and the person selected will be presented with the cup at the Annual Cheveley Parish Meeting on Tuesday 25th April at the Community Room of Cheveley School.   Tea and biscuits will be served from 7.30 and the meeting will open at 8.00 p.m.

Please note that the next meeting of the Parish Council will not be held as usual on the second Tuesday of the month but on Tuesday 18th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Community Room.   Future meetings will revert to the second Tuesday of each month.