Parish Council Meeting Round Up – October 2017

Council Chairman Richard Jackson opened his final meeting of Cheveley Parish Council before leaving the council after two and a half years during which much had been achieved.   Councillors expressed their gratitude to him for his leadership and it was hoped that he would attend future meetings as a member of the public.   The election of the incoming chair would take place at the next meeting.   A vacancy for Councillor to represent the North Ward now exists and will be advertised.

Once again residents concerned about the development of 10 new houses to the rear of The Paddocks were in attendance.   Those who were part of the residents’ group known as “Save Cheveley from Over-Development” informed the parish council that they had been advised to consider taking legal advice from a Lawyer specialising in planning law regarding this application.  They asked if the council would be prepared to pay for this advice out of public funds, or if it would consider the option to apply and pay for this advice itself as part of its objection to this application.  As this was not on the Agenda for the meeting no decision regarding this request could be taken.   However it was agreed that an Extra Ordinary Meeting would be convened in order for it to be discussed.   This will be held on Tuesday 17th October, at Cheveley Pavilion starting at 7.30pm.

A meeting of the Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity immediately followed that of the parish council.   Some of the Trustees of the Charity had attended a presentation given by   Cambridgeshire ACRE who had given an update on the feasibility study that they were carrying out on the possible development of the pavilion and recreation ground.   Those present had been shown architect’s plans which depicted how the pavilion could be potentially redesigned and extended for use in the future.   It was agreed that these would be discussed in more detail at the November meeting after all Trustees had had the opportunity to study the document.   It was emphasised that it was important that annual on-going running costs of any facilities should be considered before any changes were made.

Designs and wording of a new sign for the entrance to the recreation ground were agreed.   It was also decided that groups using the facilities on a regular basis would be able to erect a sign bearing the name of the club or organisation beneath the new sign.   Once the cost of this had been ascertained a decision as to whether a charge should be made would be reviewed.

Volunteers are reminded that the Autumn Clean Up of the Cemetery is to take place on Saturday 28th October between 10 and 12 am.   All helpers will be very welcome and, if possible, should bring their own tools.

The next regular meeting of the parish council will be on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30 in the Community Room of Cheveley School.