ECDC – Infrastructure Update Report – January 2018

Ely Southern Bypass

Work is continuing on the Bypass and the railway bridge structure which has been constructed off site are due to be lowered into place in the spring.

The Hive

Work is progressing well, tiling and painting is well underway and the centre is still on target to open in May 2018.

North Ely

Hopkins Homes are on-site building out phase 1 of the Endurance Estates site, which comprises 199 homes. For more details please see the application on the Planning Portal (planning reference 16/01794/RMM).

The Redrow Homes Reserved Matters applications for 200 dwellings on the Church Commissioners site (planning reference 17/01722/RMM) will be considered at a Special Planning Committee Meeting on Monday 19th February.

An application relating to the relevant section of the Spine Road and Thistle Corner junction (planning reference 17/01723/RMM) and an application for a care home on land opposite the new Isle of Ely Primary School – this is  in addition to the Extra Care Scheme already planned for North Ely (planning reference – 17/02002/FUM) have also been submitted and are being considered by the Planning Team.

Soham Railway Station

Funding been obtained from the Combined Authority and CCC are progressing the next stage of design work with Network Rail. This GRIP 3C work will develop the design for a 2 platform station, but do so in a way that allows for phased delivery, so that if the required track doubling work is delayed a 1 platform station could still be delivered.

Indicative timescales for the delivery of Soham Station are shown in the table below.

Item Date
Network Rail contractors start work Jan 2018
GRIP 3C AIP concludes with stage gate review May 2019
GRIP 4 Scheme Development May 2019 to Sept 2020
GRIP 5 Detailed Design Sept 2020 to May 2021
GRIP 6 Construction May 2021 to May 2022
Single platform station open May 2022 timetable change

A10 Improvements

CCC has published the Ely to Cambridge Corridor (A10 (N)) transport Study, which considers transport capacity and the identification, phasing and delivery of transport mitigation measures required in the corridor – a briefing note has been circulated. In summary, the report concluded that the greatest level of benefit would be generated by dualling the A10 from Ely to the Milton Interchange (indicative cost £510m), but that measures to encourage use of public transport and greater walking/cycling, plus improvements to provide additional capacity at junctions on the A10 (indicative cost £225m) would generate a higher benefit to cost ratio. Other options considered include dualling between Ely and the new town of Waterbeach only (indicative cost £415m) and between the new town of Waterbeach and the Milton Interchange only (indicative cost £310m). Both part dualling options also generate a good value for money ratio.

The Study concludes that detailed follow-up studies should be undertaken for each package of measures to refine the options and develop business cases for those investments. Reports will be presented to The Greater Cambridge Partnership, The Combined Authority and CCC Economy and Environment Committee to identify how this work is progressed.

A second study looking at the A10 from Ely to King’s Lynn concluded that dualling the whole route from Ely to King’s Lynn is unlikely to offer value for money as levels of congestion, a key driver of transport business cases, does not appear to warrant this. The report does suggest improvements to the A10 from the A142 Angel Drove junction to the A142 Witchford Road junction and the CCC Economy and Environment Committee approved a feasibility study to consider a range of solutions. This work will build on the study looking at this area which is being paid for by Grovemere as part of the Lancaster Way Business Park s106 obligations. The Grovemere study is underway and the final report due April/May 2018.

A14 junctions 35, 36, 37 and 38

The Combined Authority has allocated £150,000 for an A142 capacity study to understand the impact of growth on the key route between Newmarket and Chatteris and £150,000 towards a review of junctions 35-38 of the A14.

Funding bids for improvements to junctions 37 (A142 junction) and a feasibility study looking at improvements between Milton Interchange and Newmarket (which includes junctions 35 and 36) have been submitted to Highways England/Department for Transport for consideration for future funding as part of the Investment Strategy for Road Period 2 (RIS2). This funding period starts in 2020.

ECDC, working with Forest Heath District Council, CCC and Suffolk County Council has commissioned a study looking into traffic movements at junction 38 to see if improvements are required to this junction. This is due to report early summer.

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon

The A14 Cambridge to Huntington upgrade works are ongoing. Plans for this years construction schedule include: work starting on the Bar Hill junction and the widening of the Cambridge northern bypass between Histon and Milton; opening the Grafham Road bridge over the A1, the first of the new Girton interchange bridges and the new A1 between Alconbury and Brampton to traffic; and continuing the construction of the bridges for the Swavesey junction, the River Great Ouse viaduct and the bridge over the east coast railway.  The new bypass and widened A14 will open to traffic in 2020.