In response to requests from residents, Cheveley Parish Council is seeking the views of parishioners and users of the Recreation Ground on a proposal to install a skate area and basketball hoop at The Recreation Ground.

The planned facility would be located parallel to the southern boundary, in line with and beyond the car park. Equipment would need to be installed on a tarmacked area measuring approximately 29m x 6.5m.

The suggested equipment to be located at the site would consist of:

  1. 1m high quarter pipe ramp
  2. 2 x wedge ramps measuring 2.5m long, with a rail
  3. Potentially a full-size fixed basketball hoop (planned layout overleaf)

Soil extracted to form the base would be used to provide a bund of earth mounds around the perimeter of the facility, providing additional opportunities for activity, reducing noise levels and making it more pleasing on the eye.  The facility would be suitable for scooters, BMX bikes, rollerblades, skateboards as well as casual basketball.

The preferred location is away from other play equipment at The Recreation Ground meaning noise would not be concentrated on one side of the site.

The Council has agreed to remove the unused ‘teenage shelter’ located at the foot of the car park.

Young people residing in the parish have sought support for the project and produced a petition and presented their ideas to the full Council.  The petition contains 93 signatures of children or their parents/carers, who live in the parish (73 Cheveley village, 20 Newmarket fringe). Whilst the Parish Council is aware that this is purely a ‘snapshot’ survey and is not comprehensive, it gave Cllrs the evidence of interest to take this project forward to the next stage, which this document outlines.

The total estimated cost provided by RHINO RAMPS is £32,400.00 inc VAT, including all ground works.  As manufacturers and installers, they would provide a 12 year warranty on the composite skate surfaces, which are 100% recyclable and are produced with 100% green energy.  Rhino Ramps state they “have been scientifically tested to a decibel rating below average office noise – 50 decibels at a 5m distance”.  The ramps are semi-enclosed, so as to reduce accidents and noise, and the surfaces are brown in colour.

This additional equipment would be added to the current insurance policy and is quoted at an annual premium of £131.91 plus Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), which currently stands at 12%.  The public liability policy currently in place covers this equipment in the same way as equipment already installed.

The equipment will be purchased via a request for funds from the Cheveley Recreation Ground and Pavilion Trust to the Parish Council.  The Charity are unable to reclaim any VAT charges.

 The three public presentations will be held on the following occasions:

  1. Friday 9 February, 3.00-5.00pm at The Pavilion, Recreation Ground
  2. Sunday 18 February, 11.00am-1.00pm at The Pavilion, Recreation Ground
  3. Saturday 24 February, 10.00am-12.00pm at The Community Room, Cheveley Primary School

Alternatively, you can email any comments or questions to the Clerk, Marilyn Strand, at by no later than 5pm on Monday 26 February.

Planned layout:


  1. Quoted installation costs for layout above:  £32,400.00 including VAT.
  2. Warranty:  12 years on surfaces.
  3. Monthly maintenance inspection:  can be added to the current contract at no extra cost.  The equipment is sectional so individual sections can be repaired or replaced.
  4. Waste soil: will be incorporated around the new facility to help reduce noise and possibly extend the soil ‘bumps’ already in place on the bottom boundary of the recreation ground.
  5. The additional cost to the current insurance policy:  £131.91 plus IPT annually.
  6. Community support:  93 Parish residents, children, parents/carers.


There will be an opportunity to view the proposals and contribute to the discussion at three public presentations. At these events, more information will be available along with more detailed visual aids.  If you would like more information but are unable to attend an event, please contact the Clerk or view the PC website, or by calling 01638 780835.