Parish Councils have a duty to comply with the following activities:

  • Consider the impact of their decisions on reducing crime and disorder in their area.
  • have a regard to the protection of biodiversity in carrying out their functions.
  • decide whether to adopt a churchyard when it is closed if asked to do so by the Parochial Church Council.
  • Provide allotments if the Council considered that there is a demand for them and it is reasonable to do so.
  • Comply with obligations under the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Comply with employment legislation.

In compliance with these duties Cheveley Parish Council has adopted the following policies, procedures and best practices:

Burial fees and regulations Download
Equal Opportunities Policy 2016 Download
Grant awarding policy and application form Download
Grievance and disciplinary procedure Download
Certificate of Employers Liability Insurance 2017/18 Download
Financial regulations 2016 Download
Standing orders 2015
(reviewed 12th December 2017)
Freedom of information
(Council under duty to comply)
Data protection act
(complied with registration under ICO under agenda 7.9 September 2012)
Dignity at work 2013 Download
Policy and procedure for becoming a co-opted councillor at Cheveley Download
Code of Conduct 2015 Download
Complaints handling procedures at Cheveley Parish Council Download
Breach of the code of conduct
(Complaint form regarding compaint concerning Councillors)
Complaint general form Download
Complaint concerning staff and employee(s) of Cheveley Parish Council Download
Byelaws at the Recreation Ground Download
Retention of Documents Policy 2016 Download
Email Protocol 2016 Download
Risk Management Policy 2016 Download
Cheveley Planning Policy 2016 Download
Lone Worker Policy 2017 Download

Freedom of information Disclosure Log

FOI: 15.001 Received: 01/21/2015
Request for information regarding historic cremation and burial fees
Response: Accepted Requested Documents
FOI: 13/07.001 Received: 05/07/2013
Request for review/appeal FOI 13/06.001
Response: Refused
FOI: 13/06.001 Received: 03/06/2013
Request for copy of letter issued to complainant in regards to agenda item 5.1.1 February 12th 2013 Meeting
Response: Refused Response: Refused ref
Appeal and Decision Notice Requested Document