Parish Council Meeting Round Up – December 2017

Cheveley Parish Council met on Tuesday 12th December in the Community Room of Cheveley School.

An outline planning application had been received in respect of a proposal to build 22 dwellings at 1 Home Office Bungalows in Oak Lane, Cheveley, following the demolition of 6 bungalows.   The Council was not against this development but would ask for assurance that it will be in keeping with the traditional cottage style in the village especially as the site is at an important gateway to the village.   There was concern about the proposed density and the inevitable impact that this would have on the volume of traffic and availability of school places.   It was suggested that it would be helpful if the developer would discuss the plans with the Parish Council at the earliest opportunity.

Consideration was given to putting together a Neighbourhood Plan for Cheveley.   It was appreciated that this would carry some legal bearing in support of objections to future planning applications that were felt unacceptable in the Parish.   However, in view of the vast amount of work involved that it would entail, Councillors were reluctant to commit to taking this on.   A member of the public said that he might be prepared to be part of a group of residents who, together with a few councillors, would undertake the project.   He was given an information pack on how to proceed and would report back to the Council at the next meeting.    It was suggested that adjoining Parishes could be interested in producing a joint Plan.

It was agreed to keep the precept application at the same level as in the previous three years.   This would result in a slight decrease in the Cheveley Parish element of residents’ Council Tax.

It was agreed that a hard wood notice board would be purchased and installed In Cheveley Cemetery.

Funds would be set aside for possible speed reduction measures on the Newmarket end of Ashley Road.   This would be followed up at future meetings.

A meeting of the Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity immediately followed the Council meeting.   Once again the proposal for a small skate/scooter park to be situated in an area of the Recreation Ground was discussed at length.   Various quotations had been received for the purchase and installation of the equipment.    There had been much enthusiasm for this project by children from within the Parish and surrounding areas.   However it was felt that other residents should be given the opportunity to put forward their views and that a wider public consultation should take place.   It was hoped that this could be completed before the Parish Council Meeting of 13th March.   Anyone with views on this matter should forward them to

Quotations for the extension of the car park fencing and the replacement of the bollards were accepted and the work would be carried out shortly.   It was also agreed that cross hatching would be put in the car park to keep the vehicle entrance onto the recreation ground clear in case of emergency vehicles requiring access.

The next Parish Council and Charity meetings will be held on Tuesday 9th January at 7.30 p.m. in the Community Room of Cheveley School.