Parish Council Meeting Round-Up, May 2017

The Annual Meeting of Cheveley Parish Council was held on Tuesday 9th May in the Community Room at Cheveley School when Councillor Richard Jackson was elected as Chair and Councillor Claire Elbrow as Vice Chair.   In the absence of Councillor Jackson this meeting was chaired by Councillor Elbrow.

An impressive presentation was given by 13-year-old Matthew Peel to outline the case for a skateboard/scooter area to be created on the recreation ground for 9 to 16 year olds.   This was supported by 40 signatures of children in favour of the scheme.   His idea and another request to look into the possibility of providing a Multi-Use Games Area were discussed by the Council and it was agreed that they will be considered along with other schemes as part of a feasibility study which it was hoped will be commissioned to look into the long term improvement or replacement of facilities at the recreation ground and pavilion.   Councillors stressed that they were delighted to hear the views and suggestions of all parishioners both young and old regarding future use of assets in the Parish.   Anyone wishing to bring their ideas for future developments will be extremely welcome to present them at Parish Council meetings.   It would be helpful if those wishing to do so could advise the Clerk, Mrs. Marilyn Strand, prior to the meeting.   She can be contacted on 01638 780835 or at

It was reported that arrangements were in hand to spread planings onto the footpath that passed through Brook Stud which has been particularly muddy in the past.   Quotations were approved for the repair of the War Memorial and for a survey of the recreation ground wall.    

In order to update the valuation of various assets including the pavilion and the War Memorial it was agreed that quotations will be obtained to carry this out.

The installation of a new fence at the rear of the recreation has been completed and many favourable comments have been received regarding its appearance.  

Meeting dates for the coming year were approved.   They will be held on the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of April 2018 when the meeting will be on Tuesday 17th and August 2017 when there is no scheduled meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 13th June at 7.3 p.m. in the Community Room at Cheveley School.